MaTina's Services and Special Expertise

Water cutting. MaTina can water cut all materials.

Machining. MaTina has 5 fully automatized CNC machines. All machines are controlled by central CAD and CAM programs. MaTina has further expedited the manufacturing process with in-house inventions, such as versatile jigs for machining. MaTina's deep metal drilling expertise is very unique in the industry.

Welding. MaTina has welding machines that enable difficult welding such as aluminum and copper MIG and TIG.

Manufacturing Step
Dimensions                                                            Unit

Water cutting

Max size (X,Y) without moving the unit

2200x3200                                                              mm

Max size (X,Y) with moving the unit

2200x6000                                                              mm

Max unit (Z) thickness

120                                                                            mm




Max weight

15000                                                                        kg

Max unit dimensions

4200x3000x2000                                                   mm

Max unit length with moving the unit

13000                                                                       mm

Deep drilling depth

3000                                                                         mm

Deep drilling max diameter

63                                                                              mm